When you apply for a job, your resume is usually the first impression you give to the employer. The WorkBC Resume Workshop provides a foundation is resume formats and styles, and then provides support for job seekers building their resumes. The final module helps prepare job seekers for the latest trends and tech they may face when applying for jobs in the 21st century.

Cover Letters

Cover letters are required for most jobs. Work with our facilitator for hands on experience with writing cover letters based on your resume and company research to increase your chances at obtaining an interview for your most coveted job.

Interview Skills

To be well prepared for an interview this workshop provides information on the different types of interviews. The first module also includes preparation tips like: what is required when we receive the call, necessary research, documentation, rehearsal, and Zen dogs! Module 2, Questions and Answers, explores different types of interview questions, the S.T.A.R. technique, inappropriate or discriminatory questions, and sample questions to ask the interviewer.

Beyond the Postings

This 3-module workshop exposes job seekers to the Hidden Job Market, where most jobs are filled before they're posted. Job seekers are provided with skills and approaches to access the hidden job market through Networking and Information Interviews.

LinkedIn Demo Hour

In the LinkedIn Demo Hour, learn the benefits of using the professional site for your job search with this interactive demonstration. You do not need a LinkedIn account.just an interest in checking out how it works! For those who do have an account, you can learn how to more fully utilize this platform. Discover how to research and network with companies and professionals. Check out jobs in our area and the application processes. See how you can create a presence and brand with a professional profile, create contacts, and find work-related interest groups. Create a newsfeed of industry news that matters most to you, and connect with your Facilitator and WorkBC Cowichan!

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